At BTGWTV we provide a number of services:


Educational Training Videos | Corporate Videos | Music Videos | Community and Arts Events | Film Industry Reels

  • our camera operators shoot with a number of different camera models ranging from 2K DSLRs to 4K professional cameras suited to project needs including Red Cam and Panasonic models


Post Production Video Editing

Video Logging | Video Editing | Sound Design | Sound Editing | Special Effects | Basic Colour Correction

Video Editing usually involves the following process:  logging video, storyboard, syncing media/sound, rough cut edit, audio edit/matching, sound design, titles/captions, colour matching/correction, special effects (if needed), and media delivery

  • Software: proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Autodesk Smoke, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Reaper


On Set Digital Imaging and Data Management

Stephen and his crew have worked on a number of short films and music videos as Data Management (DMT) and Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs)

  • proficient with 2K DSLR formats
  • proficient with 4K data management flow – inluding RedCam using Red-Cine
  • recent experience with 3D video media management and monitoring 


Pre-Production Film / Video Planning

  •  provide script editing and screenplay reader responses for short and feature films
  • develop shooting schedules for short films and scripted video projects
  • storyboards and shooting scripts for video projects and short films



Our rates are based on the project tasks suited to your project. We will negotiate rates with you based on your project requirements, labour time, location, and our equipment needs.

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